Paper submission

Manuscript Preparation

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The manuscript should be prepared in EAI Core proceeding format using MS WORD and/or LaTeX template available respectively in M S Word and LaTeX. The guidelines are given here may help you to prepare the manuscript. 
  1. The figures / graphs / plots in the manuscript MUST be of good resolution (600 dpi or more), tables MUST NOT be in pictorial format. Text in figures should not be too small, and preferably of equal size as text of the article.
  2. Figures, text, or the tables MUST be visible within boundary of the text area of the page and MUST NOT go beyond it.
  3. Do NOT use any Social / Academic titles (e.g. Mr.,Ms.,Dr.,Prof. etc) preceding the author names. Do NOT mention the position of a person (e.g., research scholar, student, assistant professor, professor, IEEE member, IEEE student member etc.) in the affiliation.
  4. Mention full address, affiliation, and email of ALL authors, specify a corresponding author with the corresponding e-mail ID. [Once an article is accepted, the publisher will send the proofreading of article to this e-mail]
  5. Do not make any page numbering and do not give any running head title.
  6. Every article must bear a self-composed independent single paragraph as Abstract, which MUST NOT bear any citation or reference. Abstract MUST not have a section number.
  7. Articles must be written in spell checked and grammatically correct English.
  8. All references, figures, and tables should be numbered in sequence starting from 1 and MUST be duly cited / referred within the text.
  9. Adhere to page size (A4 : 8.27″X11.69″), page margin size (top:2.05″, bottom:2.05″, left/inside: 1.73″, right/outside: 1.73″), line spacing ( ‘single’ ), and font style ( ‘Times’ ), font sizes (Title: 14pt – bold, Abstract: 9 pt, Keywords: 9 pt, Section header : 12 pt – bold, Subsection header: 10 pt – bold, Table and figure caption: 10 pt – bold, Text body: 10 pt) as prescribed in Springer LNCS template, do not manually alter ANY of these parameters.
  10. A reference should bear following parameters in proper format: author name(s), title of article/book, conference/journal name, volume, issue, page numbers, publication year.
  11. Any article, not in format, will be subjected to rejection without any judgement on its quality.
  12. The articles should be own work of the authors. If any work is referred from others (or some other work by the author), proper acknowledgement should be given. Plagiarism of any type, if detected, will lead to rejection of the articles anytime.

General Guidelines and Policies

The International Conference on Emerging Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Smart Systems (Theetas-2022)″ invites original research contribution from different fields as mentioned in Call For Papers provided that the context of the work is clearly explained. Papers must be submitted on or before the last date of paper submission. After this deadline, authors will not be able to register new papers, however authors will be able to edit the information of existing submitted papers. While submitting the paper you must include at least one primary area to which your paper belongs. Authors are requested to remove author information from manuscript. Once you submit your paper, you will be assigned a unique paper ID. Please remember this paper ID and quote that ID in all further communications.

The review process of the conference will be strictly confidential. Our reviewers are volunteers not a part of our organization and their efforts are greatly appreciated. The practice of keeping all information confidential during the review is part of the standard communication to all reviewers. Misuse of confidential information is a severe professional failure and appropriate measures will be taken when brought to the attention of the Conference Organizers. It should be noted that the Conference Organizers will not be responsible for the consequences when reviewers break confidentiality.

Review Process:
By submitting a paper to the conference, the authors agree to the our review process and understand that papers will be peer reviewed by our expert reviewers after checking of plagiarism from a plagiarism checking software (preferably “Turnitin”). Papers with more than 30% similarity index will be summarily rejected without review. For final camera ready submission the similarity index must be below than 15%.

Theetas 2022 respects Intellectual Property Rights. Plagiarism consists of wrong appropriation of someone’s content, thoughts, ideas by representing as one’s original work. This type of violation of ethical principles will not be entertained by the conference at any cost. It should be noted that papers having more than 20% plagiarized text will not be processed, hence they will be summarily rejected.

Dual/Double Submissions:
The goals of our conference are to publish exciting new work for the first time and to avoid duplicating the effort of reviewers. By submitting a manuscript to the conference, authors acknowledge that it has not been previously published or accepted for publication in substantially similar form in any peer-reviewed venue. Violation of any of these conditions will lead to rejection, and will be reported to the other venue to which the submission was sent. Any submission to the conference should not overlap with prior publications or other concurrent submissions. If you need to cite a different paper of yours that is being submitted concurrently to the conference, the authors should cite these papers, argue in the body of your paper why your paper is non trivially different from these concurrent submissions; and include those papers in the supplemental material. Authors are encouraged to contact the Organizing Chairs about any clarifications.

Attendance responsibilities:
The authors must agree that if the paper is accepted, at least one of the authors will register for the conference and present the paper there. Acceptance of a paper does not claim for final publication. Only presented papers will be forwarded to publication partner. Presenters will be provided certificate of paper presentation.

All accepted and presented papers will be submitted for publication to our publication partner. Keep visiting conference website for more updates regarding publication details.

Publicity on Social Media: 
Papers submitted to the conference must not be publicized in social media/ press until official acceptance notifications are available with the authors from conference committee via EasyChair. Violations may result in the paper being rejected or removed from the conference proceedings.